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MacBook Air 11.6 IN 1.6 GHZ CPU 128 GB HDD |

RetroN 5 plays classic video game cartridges from Nintendo. Found this video from


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Mike Vosburg | www.VozArt.Com
READING TIP:  Skip the rest, except for pp. 129-273, 298-300, 309-350 and 594-605 |

High Selfie
A Dutch F-16 pilot, Captain Jeroen “Slick” Dickens, took this ultimate aviation selfie as he flew alongside Arkefly airline’s first 787-8, the first Dreamliner in the Netherlands
Picture: Royal Netherlands Air Force
Source: The Telegraph
Slurpee mustache straws from 7-11
"Computer Glasses" from Sun Optics Insight Eyeworks, Inc. | anti-glare computer eye glass; non-prescription |
From Google+ |
Looks like a flying carcass.  Now, we can solve waste management and space travel in one hurl.  Hey, whatever happend to Disqus comment on Fast Company?  Now, it’s difficult to log in and add to the noise.
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Photo of the first edition copy from the Manhattan Rare Book Company |  Well, we have all read this when were young; my verdict, BORING.  Well, tree-hugger, don’t let someone’s opinion cloud your bias.  :P  Don’t get me wrong, I’m generous, so I still give this FIVE STARS for pioneering the movement, plus her vivid yet elegant writing style that would put most science majors to shame.  Yeah, I’m talking about you, mister jargon breath, chicken-scratch-penmanship guy.  For the rest of you, though, buy here |